Top psoriatic arthritis tips

You may have some clever life hacks that you use to help get around your PsA (psoriatic arthritis) symptoms, but there are a few others to help you make little wins every day.*

•    Hang wrinkled clothes in the bathroom and let the steam do your ironing
•    Buy pre-chopped, frozen veggies to give your hands a break
•    Have a warm shower to warm up your joints before exercise
•    Use a backpack instead of a shoulder bag to spread the load
•    Make a slit in a tennis ball and slide your toothbrush into it for a handle that’s easier to grip
•    When your hands let you down, try opening the fridge with a scarf or ribbon
•    Build muscle to take the pressure off your joints
•    Consider adding a cover or pad to the steering wheel of your car to make long car trips more comfortable

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You’re not alone – there are other patients with psoriatic arthritis, just like you out there.

It can be easy to lose track of how you’re doing if you don’t take note.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all with PsA treatment – your doctor can help.