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Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) and you

Welcome to the CLL area of the JanssenWithMe platform, a section dedicated to supporting people living with the disease.

Receiving a diagnosis of CLL can come with a raft of different emotions, but by building up your knowledge about the disease, you can prepare yourself for what is to come. It’s the first step towards effectively managing your CLL.

Each person will experience the disease differently. Some will require urgent care, while others will experience requiring treatment much later, if at all, due to its slow development. Understanding CLL and the various treatment options that are available can help you make much more informed decisions during consultations, enabling you to help tailor your treatment to your personal needs, and overall, better prepare you to manage a life with CLL. Remember, your doctor should be the first person you talk to about more specific and in-depth queries.

Key topics

About CLL

Gain an overview of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL), what it is, getting diagnosed and the stages.


Information about the main signs of CLL and what to expect with disease progression.


Learn more about the different treatments available to you.

Living with CLL

Discover practical tips for helping you manage and live with CLL and its symptoms

Your healthcare team

Find out about the key people in your healthcare team, what to expect in consultations and key questions to ask.

Support and caregivers

Find links to local support networks, online forums, and additional information to help caregivers to provide the best support they can.


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