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Janssen & Multiple Myeloma

Janssen’s goal is to fundamentally alter the way cancer is understood, diagnosed and managed. We are committed to finding innovative ways to fight cancer, including for multiple myeloma, and our primary efforts focus on treatment and prevention solutions.

We are driven by our commitment to patients, working side-by-side with healthcare stakeholders, to offer solutions based on trust and transparency. Below are a number of Janssen initiatives that you may find interesting or helpful.

My Myeloma - Ready for the Steps Ahead

My Myeloma - Ready for the Steps Ahead is a documentary that captures the journey of multiple myeloma patients from the Central European and Baltics region. It was filmed in partnership with multiple myeloma patient organisations from Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia and Slovenia. It is a heartfelt tribute to the patients, patient organisations and healthcare professionals who have battled tirelessly against this disease.

Finding the Cure: Exploring the potential of MRD as a novel endpoint

Measurable or minimal residual disease (MRD) refers to the small number of myeloma cells that may remain in your bone marrow following treatment; it plays an important role in monitoring remission status.[1]

In the MRD document, leading physicians, together with patients and patient advocates, explore the potential of MRD as a new study endpoint to measure functional cure, sharing their perspectives on the important role it could play in the management and treatment of multiple myeloma. Click here to watch the documentary now.


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