Welcome to your healthcare community

Welcome to your healthcare community

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At Janssen, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity and compliant conduct. Our purpose with JanssenWithMe is to share fair and balanced information related to the diseases where we can make the biggest difference. The information provided on JanssenWithMe does not promote products or give medical advice.

Mental Health

Mental Health is an essential part of your overall health and wellbeing.
Good mental health means that you are able to recognize your own abilities, adapt to the normal stresses of life, work productively, and contribute to your community.
Several social, psychological, and biological factors determine the degree of emotional wellbeing you might experience at any given time.

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Moving Fourth towards a better future with HIV

Moving Fourth towards a better future with HIV

Our initiatives

Built for the patient journey

Patients have always been at the heart of everything we do. With patients increasingly involved in determining their healthcare options, we remain committed to Patient Engagement and are partnering with patients and caregivers to learn more about their experiences. These precious insights help us ensure we are developing the right medicines, improving clinical trials, and creating educational materials that are accessible and easy to understand.

At Janssen, we believe that patients and their caregivers hold key information on how to improve healthcare processes and systems. We partner directly with patients and caregivers as we develop medicines, improve clinical trials, and create educational materials and support programs. We are committed to working toward patient-inspired innovation, including:

Clinical Trials

Listening to and implementing patient perspectives into clinical trial procedures.

Early Drug Development

Incorporating patient-reported outcomes in medicine labels.

Administrating medicine

Modifying product design for administering medicine based on patient input.


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